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 National Narcotics Control Board (NNCB):

Establishment of National Narcotics Control Board:

The Narcotics Control Act, 1990 was passed in 1990 by repealing all previous laws for control of narcotics, treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. For achieving the objectives of this law, a high-powered committee styled 'National Narcotics Control Board' was formed in the same year. The committee is headed by the Home Minister with the Director General of the Department of Narcotics Control acting as the Member-Secretary.

  Structure of National Narcotics Control Board:

Structure of NNCB Details

 Functions and responsibilities of the Board:

The Board shall have the following functions and responsibilities, namely :

1. To  frame policies for prevention  of possible injurious effects of narcotics and to take measures for their implementation;
2. To undertake any research or survey for the collection of data and information relating to various aspects of narcotics;
3. To frame policies relating to manufacture, supply, use, and control of narcotics;
4. To frame policies relating to treatment and rehabilitation of narcotics addicts and to take measures for their implementation;
5. To undertake educational and publicity measures for creating necessary public awareness about the evil effects of narcotics;
6. To maintain liaison with all the concerned Ministries and Agencies relating to anti narcotics matters and to coordinate all such activities;
7. To take any measure necessary for the performance of the aforesaid functions and responsibilities;



(a) Subject to the other provisions of this section the Board shall determine the procedure of its meetings.
(b) All meetings of the Board shall be held at the place and time as determined by the Chairman.
(c) The Chairman shall preside over all meetings of the Board and in his absence any other member of the Board nominated by him shall preside.
(d) The quoram of a meeting of the Board shall be constituted by one-fourth of the total members.
(e) No action or proceeding of the Board shall be illegal on the ground that any defect or vacancy exists in the constitution of the Board not shall such an action or proceeding be questioned only on that ground.

 The National Narcotics Control Board Fund:


The Board may constitute a separate fund, namely, National Narcotics Control Board Fund for the purpose of collection of funds, in addition to usual budgetary grants of the Government, with a view to creating public awareness about ill effects of narcotics and for the treatment and rehabilitation of the narcotics addicts.

2. The following monies shall be credited in the aforesaid Fund, namely :
a. Grants made by the Government;
b. Grants made by any foreign Government or institution or any international agency ;
c. Grants made by any local authority ;
d. Donations made by any individual or institution ;
e. Any money from any other source.
3. All monies of the Fund shall be deposited in any sheduled bank.
4. The operation of the fund and maintenance of its accounts shall be made as per procedure and forms prescribed by rules.
5. The accounts of income and expenditure of the Fund shall be audited in the manner and by the authority prescribed by rules.
6. The audit authority may examine all the books and documents relating to the Fund and if necessary may examine any member of the Board and any officer or any employee of the Department.
7. On completion of the audit, the audit authority shall submit its report to the Government.


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